Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010....Its a NEW year!

Well Happy New Year everyone! Hahaha...I'm laughing because I have no idea who is going to read this....but oh well. I am super excited about the start of this new year. I'm anticipating all that God has planned for this new year! My hope is that my eyes and ears are wide open to see and hear any opportunity that He sends my way. I heard this quote recently (unfortunately I am unable to give crdit since I can't remember who said it)...."Temptation may lean on the doorbell....but opportunity may only knock once." 2009 was FULL of change and transition for us.....and I am feeling that 2010 God will bring a little bit of settling to all that upheaval. I know that each year is different for everyone....some of us have had a year full of joy and newness and blessings and others of us have experienced great challenges, trials, and disappointments. In "anticipating" my new year....I'm careful to lay it before God...yet again. I know that He is always working on my thoughts...and He has specific situations and "furnaces" (for those of my ladies out there that went thru Beth Moore's "Daniel" study with me:-))....that are specifically designed by Him to work out those heart issues and character flaws in order to make me more like Jesus. I just want to encourage us all that no matter what may come our way this year....lets decide ahead of time that God has a reason for it....He will teach us a lot about ourselves by how we react to the situations that He sends our way. When I'm tempted to be fearful of all the "what ifs".....thats when I have to lay it all down again and let Him fill me with the Peace that surpasses our feeble understanding. I'm excited. I'm excited to see God's BIGNESS.....I love to see Him do the impossible....I love to believe the impossible! I made the title of this blog "LadyTravelar" because...really, thats what we are. We are all on a Journey, or an Adventure, rather. There are highs and lows on this road we travel....but we just have ONE shot at it. We don't get to go and do it over. Lets live this life ladies....lets live this next year WELL:-)


Sunny Bunny Tails said...

Hi Corrie! This is Meg Dobson by the way lol. WOW! What a great outlook for this new've really encouraged me! I also want to be super open and receptive this year (and every year). You're absolutely right, God has a reason for everything. I can't wait to read more of your blogs, Happy New Year!

Lois said...

Oh how thoroughly I enjoyed what you've written. God is so good and precise with His timing of what comes along our way.
I love you and Happy New Years back!

Rebekah said...

I love your first post Sister! And in getting to this post I caught a glimpse of the first line of your next post and am equally excited to go read it :-)

Catherine said...

Enjoying getting to know you here... :)